Generations of Motoring History

Newport, Rhode Island was the birthplace of motor racing in America, thanks to Willie K. Vanderbilt. A young man at the turn of the century, Willie K. bought a Daimler Phoenix for $10,000, which would translate to about $250,000 in current dollars. His friends soon caught onto the motoring craze and in a matter of months they were all racing around the famed Ocean Drive, bragging that they would cruise along at over 60 miles per hour. They were quickly met with neighborhood backlash as their public road racing became hazardous, and so they took their sport to Newport’s horse racing track. It was there, in September of 1900, that the famed Vanderbilt Cup began to take shape.



Audrain’s Newport Concours & Motor Week is a celebration of the history of sportsmanship and motoring in Newport, Rhode Island.