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Show Cars

“Show Cars” will compete for Class Awards and the coveted Best in Show award.

Display Cars

Cars applying to be “Display Cars” are not to be judged. Accepted Display Cars will not be eligible for Class Awards or Best in Show, but may compete for other Special Awards.

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Your entry will not be complete until you send photos of your car. Please include exterior from all angles, and interior. Any additional photos (engine, modifications, etc.) will be accepted as well. Email photos to: ENTRIES@AUDRAINCONCOURS.COM

Concours Classes

Historic Newport Pre-WW1

Historic Newport Pre-WW2

Domestic Luxury Cars 1900-1919

European Luxury Cars 1900-1919

Domestic Luxury Cars 1920-1942

European Luxury Cars 1920-1942

Domestic Luxury Cars 1945-1960

European Luxury Cars 1945-1960

Domestic Luxury Cars 1961-1970

European Luxury Cars 1961-1970

Sporting Cars 1900-1919

Domestic Sporting Cars 1920-1942

European Sporting Cars 1920-1942

Domestic Sporting Cars 1945-1959

European Sporting Cars 1945-1959

Domestic Sporting Cars 1960-1970

European Sporting Cars 1960-1970

Racing Ferraris 1948-1960

Racing Ferraris 1961-1970

Grand Touring Ferrari 1948-1960

Grand Touring Ferrari 1961-1970

30 Under 30